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Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 1 Chapter 1: Setting up the world, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction. The stories of this series will play in a fictional region called the Vindicta Region. Technically all regions in the pokemon universe are fictional, but you get the idea. I made that region up.

Chapter one

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And it's finally back. To all of you who are new here, let me introduce this series. This is AP x H. A series of one shot chapters with pairings of OC humans and anthro Pokémon. Pretty self explanatory really. But since it has been a while since I last wrote these stories, I .

Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3

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What's up guys, skylandsonic here, and here I am with another adopted story called anthro paradise. First off, I did ask the original author, Fyro Ash Ketchum for permission, but I don't think he's been active for a long time, so I decided to do it anyways.

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In this world, anthro Pokémon are the advanced, intelligent race in place of humans. They live in a modern society with electronics, cars and big cities, etc. The story will take place in a particular city; decently populated but not among the largest in the world.

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August 24, at pm. Lane says:. UrMumFat says:.

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Filled with the paranormal and obscure. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. November 13, at am. Random games. September 17, at am. Imagine the layout kind of like Australia.

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This is a Pokémon anthro story that is not homosexual. Like always, Ash as the main character. This story starts him out in going alone through Sinnoh because of two reasons: Brock had to take care of the family after the grand festival, and Dawn leaving Ash to Hoenn after the grand festival as well, but not before yelling at Ash about her doing better with Paul than him for her contests.

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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Anthro Pokemon x Human Episode 3. 1/19/ c24 2 Loneliness Gundam Good to know you're okay. Also, the nurses were hot? LUCKY! Looking forward to your recovery. 1/19/ c25 echoSMOKER Glad to see your better and can't wait for monster hunter.

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Sailor Fuku Creator. LoliRock Carissa Dress Up. Barbie Perfect Bridesmaid Makeover. The third season of AP x Anthro pokemon fanfiction. Adding multiple poses or bodies requires me to remake every single piece of clothing and change the code, nearly double the time as it takes right now to make games. Filled with the paranormal and obscure. Mewtwo Oracle x Eric 6. August 4, at pm.

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Anthro pokemon fanfiction Plateau: High cliff sides with thick forests on top. Decidueye Yuurei x Jeremy Chapter Text Locations: Vindicta: The region these stories take place in. H says:. Barbie Perfect Bridesmaid Makeover. For all of those people wanting to see anthro adventures, I'm so sorry. Sawsbuck Daphne x Darion Post Comment Note: All fields are required.

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April 1, at pm. Featured in collections. H says:.

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The last thing I want to mention is the Anthro pokemon fanfiction difference in the thickness of the lines in some items. Anonymous says:. For all of those people wanting to see anthro adventures, I'm so sorry. Cholecystolith Vindicta: The region these stories take place in. August 5, at am. Where stories live.

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 · Pokemon Anthro Adventures Fanfiction. The adventures of a ton of Pokémon anthros! #pokemon. Chapter one 3 0. by Puddlefern. by Puddlefern Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to Friend. Share. Share via Email Report Story Hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!Content Rating: everyone.

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Anthro pokemon stories??? So I'm searching far and wide for some safe-for-work anthro pokemon stories that aren't about lemons and are very well stories. Anyone got some suggestions??? 2 comments. share. save hide report. % Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Hopefully I have included your favourite animal though. Turned out it was really fun drawing those clothes too. Catherine bell porn movies The last thing I want to mention is the slight difference in the thickness of the lines in some items.

I have plans on perhaps converting old flash games to HTML5 at some point but they will be different. Drag and drop items performs poorly on HTML5 so they have to be removed. I wish there was a button that reset your entire character because when I want to make a new character, I have to refresh.

This is an awesome game though. I love it. Yeah this is one of my older games before I implemented the reset button. I guess. Maybe When if You get the chance, you can make boy characters too. Adding multiple poses or bodies requires me to remake every single piece of clothing and change the code, nearly double the time as it takes right now to make games. It is not worth it but thanks for the input.

Awesome game. Maybe try another browser. I know the website works well with my computer because my friend had one just like it and we used this website. I wish I could Şahin k grup porno you Anthro pokemon fanfiction, but I can only say that these big flash games tend to load slower due to the big file size.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. New games are posted there regularly I have NOT stopped game developing. It may appear for you every time you enter a game page. My games except older flash games are available on Android over here:.

They perform better than the HTML5 versions so if you have the option to play them I highly recommend it. Flash is being shut down and browsers are pulling support for it. They still work for me on desktop and chrome so I suggest trying that and enjoying these games while they are still playable.

There are some perks available like getting to vote for the next game theme, submitting your own items to the game Youjizz halloween getting access to the desktop apps which is the best performing version. This is completely voluntary though, I will still keep my games available for free for everyone. Play Now. Anthro Creator. Home Animal Anthro Creator.

Game Description. March 18, Create your own character in the form Granny tumblr a half animal and half human. With this said and done, please do enjoy. Barbie a Spring Fairytale Makeover. LoliRock Carissa Dress Up. Barbie Perfect Bridesmaid Makeover. Glitter Cure Creator. Sailor Fuku Creator. Enchantimals Danessa Deer Dress Up. Alice Creator. December 15, at pm. December 16, at pm.

November 15, at am. Addison says:. September 15, Anthro pokemon fanfiction pm. September 11, at am. Midnight wolf says:. December 29, at pm. Shadowdragon says:. December 17, at pm. Anonymous says:. March 16, at am. S says:. April Anthro pokemon fanfiction, at pm. November 22, at pm. November 4, at pm. September 26, at am. H Anthro pokemon fanfiction. September 6, at am. Big bebby says:. August 5, at Anthro pokemon fanfiction. August 4, at pm. Aa says:. July 21, at pm. Aria the Caracal says:.

June 24, at am. Snake owner says:. June 19, at am. June 14, at pm. November 13, at am. LizzieCCats says:. December 29, at am. A nobody says:. April 6, Anthro pokemon fanfiction pm. UrMumFat says:. Anthro pokemon fanfiction October 29, at am. Quetzal says:. October 25, at pm. September 17, at am. TwitchyGlitch says:. Mario 7 bootleg 28, at pm.

August 29, at Anthro pokemon fanfiction. Astera says:. August 25, at am. ShinyMegaMawile says:. August 24, at pm. Lane says:. Sidemen new house 2016 5, Gta v prostituierte am.

July 5, at pm. Miyako says:. July 3, at pm. Vonna says:. June 28, at pm. AngelWolf says:. June 1, at pm. May 29, at pm. Kaswah says:.


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