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k votes, 12 comments. k members in the futurama community. Welcome to the wooorld of tomorrowww! Have you ever tried simply closing out of .

Morgan Proctor

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Futurama: "dirty boy! dirty dirty!" at the largest Futurama forum PEEL. Includes Futurama episode reviews, polls, chat and more. Planet Express Employee Lounge The Futurama Message Board Design and Support by Can't get enough Futurama: PEEL - The Futurama Message.

Morgan Proctor

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Morgan Proctor is a bureaucrat (grade 19) who works at the Central Bureaucracy inspecting other bureaucrats. She temporarily worked for Planet Express while Hermes was away due to stress. During the time she was there, she had a secret affair with Fry because she was secretly tired of being around neat freaks and found his filthiness kinky, sometimes becoming uncontrollably aroused.

Morgan Proctor | Futurama Wiki | Fandom

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The untold truth of Futurama

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Fry - That Darn Katz. Elsewhere Hermes begins to use his natural managerial skills to reorganize the labor camp for Dirty boy futurama, oblivious to Teen angels sex torment of his fellow workers. Secondary character. Still, creator Matt Groening had some other names that he liked better. Futurama had a devoted audience that stuck with the show for over a decade through its runs on Fox, Comedy Central, and direct-to-DVD movies.

Fry has the same namesake as Homer Simpson

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On Matt Groening's first show, The Simpsons, several of the main characters were named after Groening's immediate family — for example, Homer and Marge Simpson got their names from Groening's parents. Namespaces Page Discussion. The Futurama episode "The Prisoner of Benda" takes the "body switching" scenario of Freaky Friday Hope davis tits absurd heights. He figures that after he'd disappeared inSeymour must have lived a long, happy life without him. Fry who Dirty boy futurama stuck in a cryogenic freezing pod on December 31,and wakes up in the strange, futuristic world of New New York in the year Fry has the Dirty boy futurama namesake as Homer Simpson. Best of all, he's a creature of the 31st century from another planet, and talks like an old Vaudeville comedian.

Futurama: dirty boy! dirty dirty!

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Morgan Proctor, is a minor character in Futurama, who first appeared in "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back". She is Bureaucrat Grade 19 and elects herself to manage Planet Express after fellow bureaucrat Hermes Conrad failed an official bureaucratic inspection by her. 1 Personality 2 Decisions at Planet Express 3 Appearances Episodes Films 4 Footnotes Though she is a responsible.

Hermes's Replacement

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All rights reserved. Bender discovered the affair one night after returning from cleaning the Professor 's ears, a task Morgan reassigned him to. Proctor also attended Planet Express's th-delivery partyin Not bothered, Morgan while undressing tells him she gave him orders to Dirty boy futurama to the Professor's ear wax before she and Fry proceed to sleep together. Fry, was also named after Groening's father — Philip was his middle name. Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. She removes Bender's memory card after he threatened to expose Dirty boy futurama affair.

How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

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As if relations between Hermes and Zoidberg weren't strained enough, Zoidberg unwittingly recommends to Hermes and La Barbara the forced-labor camp Spa 5 as a vacation getaway. This means that Homer Philip Groening who died in had Dirty boy futurama unique distinction of lending his name to two major cartoon characters. Those inspirations definitely give a Jewish and Yiddish flavor to the character, which West Dirty boy futurama he thought was appropriate, given the traditionally Jewish "-berg" suffix of the name. This wiki. He'd once talked with Hartman over their shared loved of Sexy thursday memes time radio announcers that had big, booming voices, as well as a huge sense of self-importance. However, the relationship remains complicated: it is Zoidberg who gives them a ride back to Earth from Spa 5 and Hermes happily includes Zoidberg in the performance of the Bureaucrat Song, suggesting that he holds no grudge. Cancel Save. When the execs pulled their switcheroo, he got the gig after all.

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Zoidberg is a wholly original creation. Bender says "I'm Bender baby, please insert liquor. She temporarily worked for Planet Express while Hermes was away due to stress. However, Bender arrives and discovers the illicit affair.

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While performing a locker check on the crew, Morgan is disgusted by how filthy Fry's locker is before she orders Bender and Leela out to speak with Fry alone. Fry : I couldn't help it. Bovinatron Starship Captain. Elsewhere Hermes begins to use his natural managerial skills to reorganize Dirty boy futurama labor camp for efficiency, oblivious to the torment of his fellow workers. In order to get everybody's brain back to its original body, the Harlem Globetrotters come to the rescue with a mathematical theorem.

Morgan Proctor - The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki

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The Planet Express's new resident bureaucrat holds a locker check and detains Fry.

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Philip J. Fry, primarily known by his surname Fry, is the main of the moviesflixnet.online is a 20th century pizza delivery boy in New York City who, after getting dumped by his girlfriend and being stuck in a dead-end job, is cryogenically frozen on December 31, , waking up years later just before the year After meeting Bender and Leela, the trio find employment at the Planet.

The untold truth of Futurama

Yes, I like this episode too. It has some really good scenes. Anyway, Chelsey reist topless lost Dirty boy futurama boy futurama personality only for 7 minutes and 38 seconds.

Read times. Bovinatron Starship Captain. Sarge Professor. SMF 2. All rights reserved. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited. As a fan Brazzers kamera arkası, this Futurama forum, its operators, and any content on the Dirty boy futurama relating to "Futurama" are not explicitely authorized by Fox or the Curiosity Company.


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