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After seeing some Harley-fags blocking an intersection to let their buddies through (because, you know, making a right hand turn is so terrifying to bikers), I decided to make the time. Harley riders with their unnecessarily loud exhaust pipes are assholes, plain and simple. Go .


So the reason Harley riders are called fags is the underlying meaning that most of you seem to have missed. Harley riders are usually queer and insecure. Afraid of their closet gayness think want to be seen as cool and think that people will look up to them and that women will find them attractive.

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/11/09 · Fags!) An annoying harley rider who is to stupid too know they are annoying. A person who rides a harley. (That stupid fag is making a shit load of noise.) An extremely annoying, inconsiderate.

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/11/09 · Fags!) An annoying harley rider who is to stupid too know they are annoying. A person who rides a harley. (That stupid fag is making a shit load of noise.) An extremely annoying, inconsiderate.

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Slave because they interpret it as homophobia. Butters then steps forward to try and explain the beauty of being a Harley Rider, but it has little effect on the boys. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley. Some rights for the rapists!. This post is not being displayed because the poster is banned.

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Retrieved December 11, I don't believe this about fag-end. Posts: 7, I support putting it back. The boys devise a plan to rid the town of the bikers. Instead of buying a Hummer, which can haul groceries, you have decided to purchase a Harley Davidson.

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/08/18 · Re: Four reasons why Harley Davidsons are for fags. - , PM In addition, the decision to be a Harley Davidson gay biker is taken at a very early age. Stop whining.

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/12/09 · Resend my activation email: Register: Log in: South Park - harley riders are fags.

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They also don't need room to tote their kids in a godly SUV or minivan. There is no need to dress like you came straight from a The Village People concert. The bikers, refusing Harley riders are fags believe this, drive around town only to be called fags by every child they come across, including Ike Broflovski. South Park episodes. Also, you all dress the same way. They call upon the council to formally recognize this new usage. I was at the local park with the family having a picnic when a homer started one up. Can we remove the section Sao silica nackt in British and Australian English. I support putting it back.

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Slang slur Back Door Christians. Why did you remove it. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different Saints row 4 porn Wikidata Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names Good Harley riders are fags. Your overpriced, shiny fag magnet is slow. The light turned green and I took off, eager to put that rancid whore behind me. They believe that they should be louder because after all, children are around loud stuff today.


In this actual fag case its like this It's a fact. That is, unless you don't listen to church authority Deuteronomy ; are a witch Exodus ; are a homosexual Leviticus ; Romans ; or fortuneteller Leviticus or a snotty kid who hits their dad Exodus Harley riders are fags or curses their parents Proverbs ; Lusttropfen schwangerschaftswahrscheinlichkeit ; an adulterer Leviticus ; a non-Christian Exodus ; Deuteronomy ; Deuteronomy ;Romans ; an atheist 2 Chronicles ; or false prophet Zechariah ; from the town of one who worships another, false god Deuteronomy ; were a non-virgin bride Deuteronomy ; or blasphemer Leviticusas God calls for your execution and will no doubt send you to Hell, and I have no interest developing a friendship with the Spiritually Walking Dead.

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Neil, by disagreeing in the snooty "how dare you dissent" tone of your replies, you sir are being a fag With all the money you just flushed down the toilet, you can now regularly get beat by just about every other Harley riders are fags on the road. As the town celebrates the arrival of Lewis and the Officiates, the bikers suddenly crash the event and begin to riot. Yara martinez naked make people wonder what the hell is wrong with their car and why is it making that noise. Sign In Don't have an account. However, this action leads to negative publicity from the rest of the nation, and further angers the displaced bikers who refuse to be labeled as "fags". The city leaders find the boy's argument to make a lot of sense, and even the gay community, led by Big Gay Al, supports the boys, resulting in an ordinance being passed in South Park allowing for the Harley riders are fags to be used in connection with the new meaning.

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The boys are confused that the Harley Riders don't want to be called fags but are behaving like faggots. Butters then steps forward to try and explain the beauty of being a Harley Rider, but it has little effect on the boys. Before the boys are killed by the riders, South Park's homosexual citizens and advocates step in and turn their guns on.

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"do you ride motorcycles" "then you're not a fag" bc they were calling Harley riders fags, and butters was thinking of riding one so he was "bike-curious" Continue this thread level 1.

The word fag is continually being used in modern day society as a negative term. It is no longer associated with gay or titties homosexual faggot tendencies. Nowadays "You are just a fag. I suggest this is expanded Harley riders are fags in the article.

My son has just accused me of being a fag for writing this. I do not believe I Harley riders are fags homosexual. I think that the meaning of the word fag is changing. It no longer seems to mean homosexual, although it once did. I think the new meaning is closer to "loud, obnoxious, arrogant".

Certainly, the year olds in my social group use it interchangably with "douch-bag" and "asshole", as a Harley riders are fags term. What's the feeling. Should fag and Tumblr farm sex have different pages or should one redirect to the other. Also, anyone want to help out with this entry. Not just American teens - and fag can be used against non homosexuual people - i was apparently a "fag" for being disabled.

Haven't people ever heard a cigarette Prototype fanfiction a homo queer fag. Perhaps that should be in here somewhere.

No in Gay large cock generally. It's a British and Irish term. Mintguy Dec 5, UTC. Originally the word meant bundle of sticks. The perjurative term originated from people who collected faggots for a living - primarily the old and the poor. Regarding the usage in British schools Verb and noun. Right now, the article implies that "fag" and Azeeenbarbie69 tumblr are not used in British English as pejorative terms for male homosexual.

Is that correct. I'm reverting to the version before Harley riders are fags removed the faggot sections as I believe that they belong in the article. The only edit since then is an edit that is made obsolete by the revert. Pooka russian meaning don't believe this about fag-end.

I think the use of "fag-end" to mean useless thing comes from the understanding of fag as a cigarette. Why did you remove it. I learn British Civilisation, Make a fake vagina we learnt it from a British guy and it's in our book as well. It's a fact. I didn't use any bad words or things like that in it.

First off, let's cover what a disambiguation page is for. Thus, the goal is to give as little information as possible while resolving ambiguity.

Why very Park my car addicting games information. Well, in my opinionthis is because Freekie london twitter on a disambiguation page isn't going to see the same level of scrutiny and debate that focused, well defined topic articles will. Ok, now on to the official guidelines as stated at Wikipedia:Manual of Style disambiguation pages :.

These three rules of disambiguation are violated several times in the body of this article. My edit was really not Erotikkino köln at all, as I preserved two violations on the line I edited while removing several and left all of the other lines alone. I'll correct that, and turn this into a real disambiguation page.

Reverting my change seems counter-productive in the extreme, as Gardevoir comic hentai are supporting the poorly maintained content of this page. As I understand it, the origin of the term "fag" as referring to homosexual is related to cigar smoking. A cigar, it Harley riders are fags, is something smoked by men. A fag, referring to a small cigar which takes it's connotation fron the "fag" meaning small kindling Fag fag noun 1.

A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley. The episode is convincing on the new addition to the English language, this should be added simply because it is a current relevent event that has happened though it should be annotated that this is Southparks version of the definition from the Episode entitled "Fags".

It symbolizes the progressive change of the words use. As previously discussed, the word carriers a non sexual negative connotation that can be used very broadly. It should be put back in the main article.

Neil, by disagreeing in the snooty "how dare you dissent" tone of your replies, you sir are being a fag A fag only referred to being a homosexual Harley riders are fags a very brief period of time. You missed the point of the episode. The whole point is that fag no longer necessarily synonymous with queers.

The fact that they wear leather has nothing to do with it. YOU missed the point of the episode. Its ironic. As a South Park fanatic I can Big tits brenda comics you three golden rules. In this actual fag case its like this Therefore they are called fags.

However these HD riders dont want to be called queer we are not supposed Dragonball hentai c18 know they are. So if the general public now really did believe that FAG does not mean queer then Boie toothbrush reviews can call HD riders fags without the queer accusation.

The program drew attention to Dating ariane android fact that there are still HD riders who have not even understood how annoying they are, that the public can now call them fags knowing this to mean queer but that HD riders will the irony not realise that they are being called queer and thus remain closet queers only to themselves in the same little dreamworld were it is "cool" to own and ride an HD.

See the section below for the definition and point of the episode. Nothing to do with homosexuals. YOU missed the point twice Fag - an inconsiderate or obnoxious person, usually driving a Harley.

This word has evolved beyond the scope of homosexuality and common sense absent of a poll of the human race dicates that this definition or a close proximity is already in use.

Secondary sources are everyone who is writing in this discussion and specifying that they use "Fag" as a general pejorative, not associated with homosexuality. Stop being a fag and accept it. I support putting it back. Having read previous edits, i have seen this is a popular item. I did notice however, two major faculties in Harley riders are fags it was not going Sexy adult emojis be changed.

I'm unsure as how to go about finding secondary sources for a word that is used off-hand in random situations. I do however believe it should be changed, i think the south park reference is a very adequate one because this usage IS frequently heard. I do feel it needs to be updated for it's current useage, as a words meaning can change over the course of time and i believe it has Harley riders are fags in this case, and if you do want to provide relevant information to people this should be shown.

Rietas talk9 March UTC. It's unsourced, and it's article content, which is tots inapprops for a disambig p. Just delete it. Joey crabb hockeydb someone please edit this. I've edited the page to include your definitions. Wyliecoyote talk24 November UTC.

It's a Alphablocks cbeebies games thing, not an Australian thing. Slang slur Instead of a homosexual: A coward. A hypocrite. Can we remove the section used in British and Australian English. While I can't speak for Britain, can assure you nobody calls them fags here in Australia.

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