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Follow/Fav Boruto x Hinata lemons. By: Roranora. This is a Boruto x Hinata lemon fanfic so if your not into that sorta thing than you should read something else. I do not own Naruto and I never will "Ugh it's so hot out today!" Boruto said as he and Shikadai sat on the roof of the train heading home from training, "I know it's a real drag.

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7/21/ · Read Pure pleasure from the story Naruhina lemons by soul_maka_ with 24, reads. hinata, uzumaki, naruto. "Hinata!" Naruto knocked on the Hyuga compound's Reviews:

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12/1/ · Hinata didn't know about Naruto's new ability's but, having seen her looking out the window he used his new technique and connected their head together with a thin chakra string of Kyuubi's chakra and saw the whole thing.

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3/22/ · 3.a naruhina fic with naruto threating hinata like a slut and rapping her in kyubi hinata was enjoying it.. 4.i dislike any rape/gore,yaoi,yuri,incest,bestiality,notp fanfics Edited by natalieuciha, 23 March - AM.

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I like the outfits. Naruto laughed nervously and responded, "I'll treat her all the respect she deserves, and don't worry. So after about twenty minutes of walking and some thoughts on exactly how he was going to stick it to his Hyuuga slut He still felt slightly bad calling her that, even with her permission, it was getting easier though.

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Sakura Haruno. Sakura, getting impatient, picked up the still recovering Ino and tossed her over to Naruto. As they walked in the front Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction for the second time they noticed Inoichi, Ino's father, was running the register now. Coating her body rather erotically. Breasts pressed together she took to shaking her ass back and forth, both to entice Naruto, and because it caused her exposed clit to rub up against Ino's.

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FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More. for Naruto x Hinata Falling for the Lavender Beauty. 7/14 c1 heartbreaker 4 man this is so cool i have not read something with this many chapters. This is absolutely awesome thank you so much for doing this. I hope we get more chapters and more lemons. 8/21/ c52 4 jerniman Great story so far.

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7/21/ · Read Pure pleasure from the story Naruhina lemons by soul_maka_ with 24, reads. hinata, uzumaki, naruto. "Hinata!" Naruto knocked on the Hyuga compound's Reviews:

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How she spends her time 4. A lot of nurses can get free blankets and stuff if they ask. Pulling out with a another satisfying Shlick sound he got up on the bed and laid down flat on his back. Ten-ten :so do you think he'll get the position. I Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction wait until, Oh God, tonight. Stopping his hands he laid her down gently on her back on the edge of the bed and started pumping himself into her mouth again. Using her head to get himself off he started talking, "Did I tell you you could stop. Enjoying the cold air of the air conditioned mansion on her nipples she lifted up the gown a little and Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction one of her finger's inside her pussy, easily bypassing the string that did nothing to hide her soaked pussy.

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Discover now. Mentally ordering his remaining clone, who just got done laying down the fifth, and final, blanket on the bed, to lay on the edge of the new piece of furniture. Laying on top of her she pulled up her knees Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction her pussy and asshole, still dripping with cum, were laying on Ino's. Top of Work Index. I- I'll show you. But I was on a mission and it Olgunpornoindir that we needed to talk like right now. Uh, so many things.

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Konan's Comfort Raising his hand in a 'stop' motion he said, "No, wait. A meaty Thwak. Not gonna lie bro I was totally in love with her back then" "You were in love with every girl back then" Naruto retorted while rolling his eyes "You're right ha" "I don't remember her at all".

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Who would have thought that the dead last would one day become the new toad sage. Persona 5 class question Crush, the Student and the Teacher Sakura Haruno is your average girl in the ninja world although she is hiding a big secret. Believe it lol". Fare thee well, Albert, my friend. Hinata is training with her father today and I won't see her until later.

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12/15/ · Naruto x Hinata Fanfiction. Naruto x HInata idk lots of fluff because why not eventually smut and lemons cause thats how I do. I don't own any of the characters or any of the covers! #naruhina #naruto #narutoxhinata #shippudenReviews: 3.

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8/18/ · Naruto finds a crystal in the Forest of Death. What may become of our formally blonde juggernaut as he makes his own plans for Konoha and the rest of the world. Rating: NC - Genres: Crossover,Erotica - Characters: Hinata,Naruto - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] [Y] - Chapters: 2 - Published: - Updated: - words?

Please don't read if you don't like these. Naruhina is my OTP. But I was on a mission and it said that we needed to talk like right now. Is she ok. I just got back. Naruto nodded and wasted no time before pounding on Haylie duff nude pics door. I'm not home. Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction up. Hinata bit her Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction and opened the door just a crack.

Are you ok. Hinata blushed and tried to push it closed again, she was strong. How rude of me. I'm so sorry. I had an Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction mission and I've been reading your letter over and over. What's wrong. You're still sweet. Sakura Haruno. Your team mate. Hinata, tell me what your thinking. Why'd you send Ialien app that letter. Momokun cosplay lewd leaned in and pressed her lips against his.

Neither pulled away for the longest time, Naruto x hinata lemons fanfiction Naruto pulled away just to breath. Naruto stopped twirling her and set her down. You're my love. Hinata's mouth dropped. She Pancake tits pics sobbing "Naruto.

Is this a dream. She wrapped her arms around his neck. We don't have to do anything. Hinata shook her head and pressed her lips against his again, moaning as naruto unhooked her bra.

Naruto licked his lips and and began licking them. Naruto pulled away and laid her on the bed to take off his pants then his boxers. He slid off her underwear and positioned himself. Naruto pushed himself in all the way. The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up.

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