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15/10/ · My really good friend is always bragging to me that she also has a masters degree, along with a minor degree. Her major is in recreation and entertainment,and her minor is in procrastination. Her birthday is coming up, and I bought a new program for my computer that prints out all kind of templates, including diplomas. I am trying to come up with a funny acronym for the 2 college names. One for the .

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Many of them have also a very funny and quite creative logo to match the unique name. In the name of education, and just to ruin education, management-gurus and some greedy people have started business schools, coaching classes, and international schools for business purposes only, and of course to earn a lot of money.

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10/06/ · For a fake state university, depending on what state you're putting it in, I'd go with a name based on a feature of that state, like: In Colorado Rocky Mountain University In.

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7/17/ · School names generators can be a little helpful and while the applications in this regard are limited, you can get some names with the following tools. Fantasynamegenerators: This is a very popular application for getting unique new school names list. This is best used to get play school names suggestions or fake high school names for stories.

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AltmanE. Derivatives of constipatic acid include protoconstipatic acid, dehydroconstipatic acid, and methyl constipatate. Sparassol is an antibiotic Tumblr slit by the fungus Sparassis ramosa. Angelic acid isn't very angelic at all - it's a defence substance for certain beetles. To keep track of them all, the bastadins are numbered, bastadin-1, bastadin-2, etc.

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Hauptmann, J. It is usually accompanied by cadaverine named after the cadavers that give rise to ita poisonous syrupy liquid with an equally disgusting smell. The mineral called "asparagus stone" is Uberhaxornova mom appropriately a type of green apatite. Apatite A mineral for hungry people. Putrescine originates in putrefying and rotting flesh, and is quite literally, the smell of death. This mineral must have the silliest name of them all!.

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School Name Generator - you can generate 30 random names for schools, universities and other educational institutes. Schools usually named after people, town, city or nearby geographical region, most of these generated names are geographical names, also you can find other style names. Lone Pine Elementary; South Fork University; Forest Lake.

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Believe it or not, some chemists do have a sense of humour, and this page is a testament to that. Here we'll show you some real molecules that have unusual, ridiculous or downright silly names. If you know of any other potential candidates for this page, please let me from all over the world have sent me so many contributions to this page, that I've now had to split it into four.


Its name comes from its corresponding hydroxy acid, which was originally named morolic acid since it was isolated from the heartwood of the mora tree, mora excelsa. Traumatic Acid This is a plant hormone which causes injured cells to divide and help repair Funny fake university names trauma - hence its name, and its synonym 'wound hormone'. Clitoriacetal This gets its name from the root of the Clitoria macrophylla plant, and is a constituent of the Thai drug " Non-tai-yak " which is used to treat respiratory disorders, including pulmonary tuberculosis and bronchitis, and also works as an insecticide. Constipatic Acid This is a constituent of some Australian lichens, such as Parmelia constipata. Haymet for the info regarding footballene, and to Charles Turner for the names of the other fullerenes which came from: 'Fullerenes'by Robert F. There is also a fullerene paper in Funny fake university names the authors describe a method for severing two adjacent bonds in C 60entitled " There Is a Hole in My Bucky ". However, the Voidnosferatu with a corner carbon missing C 8 H 12 has been made, and goes by the name 'broken window'.

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Thanks to Matthew Latto for suggesting this mineral. Funny fake university names Why did the two cyanide groups go to see a psychiatrist. Bastadins are molecules isolated from the marine sponge Ianthella basta. Many nonanones act as alarm pheremones in wasps, ants and bees. Ref: A. If so, would it be a 'phthalic symbol'. Although it sounds like it, this isn't the active ingredient in a pina colada cocktail.

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It must be pretty gross to make even a pig vomit Toggle navigation. Modinos, C. Because they were both 'in dinile' Thanks to Tanuki for suggesting this mineral.


Thanks to Joerg Fruechtel and Nicholas J. Its proper name is Z methylbutenoic acid. Thanks to Michael F Aldersley for info about this molecule. School Name Generator. The names of these schools are fully referenced to the real school names. Interestingly, a hypothetical derivative of windowpane has been suggested which includes a double bond, and this would of course be called Windowlene Dogcollaranes are a group of molecules made from alternating bicyclo [2,2,0] and norbornyl segments.

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The names of these schools are fully referenced to the real school names. Some school names are related to the age, some are related to geographical location, some are related to characters, and some are related to types such as art schools. The school name generator can generate 24 names at a time. If you don't find what you like, you only.


Psychologist Dr. Martin Ford of George Mason University said that names only have a significant influence when that is the only thing you know about the person.’ Nevertheless, a nickname may illuminate not only the general association individuals have with the character but how they think of themselves and want to be perceived by others.

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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}Usually their name is an acronym for something, or spells something out when you read the names of the Greek letters. Some of them exist only on gag fliers, others are active social groups. Who knows, in 20 years, they might be spread throughout campuses across the world. Or wind up being recycled. Contributed by and 22 others. We are a c 3 non-profit organization. Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. See Copyrights. Explore Map Activity. Add a new page. Edit Info. Tri Phi, which stands for "Triple Faded", a Ryerson tradition. For instance, onthey officially hosted an 80s party. Kappa Epsilon Gamma K. Very little is known about them, apart from their motto: "Because Funny fake university names Happens. Originally believed to have been founded by disgruntled freshmen who were at a frat Funny fake university names as an excuse to steal beer. Motto: Liseli sakso tumblr.

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