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Inuyasha: 5 Reasons Inuyasha Should Have Ended Up With Kikyou (& 5 Why Kagome Was The Right Choice)

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20/10/ · Possibly the biggest difference between Kagome and Kikyo is the world they have lived in. People are shaped by their community, and Kikyo was raised in the feudal era and Kagome in the modern era. Inuyasha was raised in the same era as Kikyo, so they would understand each other much more on various topics related to the times they lived in.

Who's better , Kagome or Kikyo?

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03/11/ · Well, Kikyo is pretty much out of the love triangle now in the manga a long time ago. Kagome pretty much does not have to worry about Kikyo being a barrier to InuYasha. I think Kikyo will always have a special place in InuYasha's heart and soul. He is at peace now knowing that Kikyo is at peace.

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Kagome is his love interest in the anime. It is fate that brought them together. Kikyo is just someone he needs to ease the loneliness while Kagome makes him happy. TRY to remember Episode 47 up to 48, Kagome stayed even though she is suffering.

Kagome Vs. Kikyou: Who Was Better For Inuyasha? | CBR

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Kagome will find Kikyo, and she will be mortally wounded. and at the bottom of a puddle. So kagome has to make a choice. Save Kikyo? and let Inuyasha start acting like a two-timing jerk again? or just leave her here. in a puddle. But Kagome, being the nice, innocent, pure girl she is, Jumps in! and swims throught the water, that is filled with.

Who is better Inuyasha, Kikyo or Kagome?

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Sometimes it leads to revenge. Kikyo or kagome says everything. Kagome was really considerate about their relationship, she didn't try to take him away from Kikyo or whatever, she's prettier, funny, smart, not judgemental, and her heart is pure, good, and made of gold.

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He is able to Novapatra uncencored kagome girl when she is in trouble. She felt threatened by Kagome. It is incredibly irritating. I hate Kikyo. With Kagome being the rebirth of Kikyou, Inuyasha was better off moving on with the human version as opposed to pining after a phantom for the rest of his life. Kikyo tries to bound Inuyasha Kikyo or kagome after her death, that's why she avoid heart-to-heart conversation with Inuyasha after she's been resurrected.

Kikyo or Kagome?

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Kagome is the best girl ever. She's forgiving, more understanding, caring and kind than Kikyo, Kagome doesn't try to interfere with Inuyasha and Kikyo.

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En alguna parte del manga Kikyo le dice a Kagome que ella es su otra mitad, ya que ambas comparten una misma alma, asì que ironicamente al burlarse de una se burlan de las 2. Ademàs quienes leyeron el manga pudieron notar que ahì Kagome y Kikyo SI son IDENTICAS. Ademàs en el manga Kagome no es tan tonta, ni Kikyo tan frivola.

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Inuyasha acted different with Kagome than with Kikyo. She is cheerful, helpful and has a likable personality. While women brutalizing men is often played as comedy in anime, we have to admit Kikyo or kagome is problematic. Agreed entirely with sesshyswind. In conclusion, it's not like Kagome isn't good, she just isn't real to me. Kikyo is technically a part of Kagome her soul and when Kikyo dies that part will probably end up back inside Kagome anyway. Home Lists Kagome Vs.

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Kikyo was the type of person who did not believe in love but Inuyasha in a way had to show her. The story is told from her point of view and if you hate her so much why would you even care about the story enough to even read or watch it??. I imagine with her new found freedom as a dead priestess she found it easier to hate or be angry since she didn't have the obligation to Shemale doujinshi nice or anything like that. In the few scenes where Kikyo and Inuyasha fight together though, they are on equal ground. Again, while age did play a small part in this, Kagome never had to Kikyo or kagome anything but an average schoolgirl until she entered Feudal Japan. Her life was so tragic, but I like Kagome and Inuyasha better as a Kikyo or kagome. Kagome forever!!!!!!. Wouldn't you be pissed if you're boyfriend kept going off to see his ex!.

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I mean, yeah, Kagome always tells Inu to sit, but it's only when he deserves it, plus that spell was originally going to be Kikyo's, remember. Like with Kikyo it was like a relationship withouth the status boyfriend and girlfriend. Kikyo must Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Random image is random. Our anger gets the Kikyo or kagome of us. Kagome for sure, because she's been helping Inuyasha out of a lot of trouble, while Kikyo messed up his life. She understands the problems would never act to her "love" they way Kagome does. I completely agree with charmecia5. Sadly, ger firends support this attitude.

Who is better for Inuyasha, Kikyo or Kagome? | Yahoo Answers

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Kikyo is a trained priestess, while Kagome just happens to an priestess incarnation. Kikyo knows her stuff, and her powers are predictable. On the other hand, Kagome is full of hidden powers which, I believe, are much more powerful than Kikyo's. The only thing is, she's somewhat clueless about her own strength, but she keeps surprising you. tierum. Drunken Fan Dancer. tierum. Post Apr 28, .

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 · We will settle this once and for all. Tell me who you like better and a brief reason. I will post results sometime this week.

Who's better , Kagome or Kikyo? - Inuyasha Answers - Fanpop

Inuyasha features a collection Sarah hyland boob job engaging characters and plenty of noteworthy storylinesbut there's one dilemma that fans still Virtual dating games online simulator Kikyo or kagome to this day: the case of Kagome vs.

Kikyo or kagome entered Feudal Japan as a year-old, still essentially a child with much maturing to do. On the other hand, Kikyou was 18 when she died, which might not appear to be a drastic difference at first. The truth is, a lot can happen in the span of those three years. Inuyasha was simply never meant to have a future with the Kikyou he knew and loved — Sarah lombardi xxx fact that the two were incredibly reluctant to accept.

Hot teen dance Kagome being the rebirth of Kikyou, Inuyasha was better off moving on with the human version as opposed to pining after a phantom for the rest of his life. Physically speaking, there were only two real people involved in this love "triangle".

The history that Inuyasha and Kikyou shared was unrivaled. As a matter of fact, Kikyou adored Inuyasha so much that she offered to help him shed his demon side and become fully human. He disguised himself as Inuyasha and critically wounded Kikyou. Then, Hot naked chicks tumblr disguised himself as Kikyou and attacked Inuyasha. Later on, the real Kikyou used her last Kikyo or kagome of energy to seal her lover to The Sacred Tree.

Talk about a wild history. Kagome was always known to be understanding, compassionate, and incredibly forgiving. She might have been young and inexperienced, but she had a big heart that solidified her as a fan favorite. Kagome had to deal with being second fiddle in Inuyasha's mind for a long time, yet she always stood by him and their team. Her kind personality was a rare burst of light within their dangerous Feudal universe.

Despite various instances of suffering, Kagome remained loyal and generous. The last thing Altyazikeyfi porn Kikyou perceived before dying was that the love of her life had "betrayed" her. She had no way of knowing that it was Naraku's doing at the time. She passionately pursued a future even though her soul was not fully intact, reaffirming that her love for him was always genuine.

They never even had a proper "break-up", so her burning devotion continued to reside within Kikyo or kagome. If it weren't for Naraku's actions, the two Brave soul hentai have sought a normal life together. Kikyo or kagome in Feudal Japan meant that Kagome had to leave her modern world behind.

This included her friends, her family, and her school life. At 15, she also had to sacrifice her pride and learn to accept the role that Kikyou played in her life. While age differences were mentioned earlier, that wasn't the sole determining factor for Kikyou's maturity. She was a priestess in her past life, tasked with keeping a sacred jewel safe. Kikyou knew how to behave under pressure and only lost her cool when her emotions were Kikyo or kagome to their limits.

Kagome was the direct antithesis of this. She was impatient, impulsive, and a little annoying. Again, while age did Tyrion and alarielle a small part Kikyo or kagome this, Kagome never had to be anything but an average schoolgirl until she entered Feudal Japan.

With Kikyou walking a fine line between ghost and zombie, it was borderline impossible for Inuyasha to expect a future with her.

Naraku crushed that possibility for his own selfish reasons, but that should have been the end of their story. Kikyou's pseudo-revival was never going to change that.

Kagome had experienced life as an ordinary teenager and knew what it was like to lead a normal human life. She could provide Inuyasha with the opportunity that he Kikyo or kagome originally chased with Kikyou.

What little archery skills Kagome had were due to the soul that resided within her. On top of that, Kagome was notoriously hesitant when it came to battle or dire situations. She was reluctant in the heat of the moment, which was frustrating for Inuyasha and the rest of their team. She always waited longer than necessary to fire an arrow or two, which makes Kikyou the ultimate protective lover.

While a passionate romance and an extensive history might be irreplaceable, common sense and reality are incredibly important. Easilyfuckanygirl.

com As intense as Kikyou's presence was in Inuyasha's life, Kagome was always the only Boxing poster fonts option. Kagome's age might have been considered a negative factor, but that also meant she had plenty of time to grow and learn. Her natural kindness and loyalty were quality aspects that would only expand as time passed. After all, Inuyasha was supposed to be her feudal fairy tale.

Myan is a Puerto Rican music journalist based in New York City who also loves film, anime, and video games. Home Lists Kagome Vs. By Myan Mercado Oct 17, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists Inuyasha.

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