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Lufia-Selan Feb 14, - So i'm resuming my Lufia character roster,Selan being the latest! Previous Characters: ©Taito/Natsume/Square Enix Unfortunatel.

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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

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8/11/ · Lufia and The Fortres of Doom opens in medias res, depicting the first band of heroes – Guy, Maxim, Selan (Serena in Japanese) and Artea (Arty in the Japanese release) taking on the these brief moments, it’s established that Maxim and Selan are in love, and that they’ve had a child. The heroes defeat the Sinistrals, and while Guy and Artea are able to escape with a teleport.

Lufia & The Fortress of Doom – Hardcore Gaming

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Lufia-Selan Feb 14, - So i'm resuming my Lufia character roster,Selan being the latest! Previous Characters: ©Taito/Natsume/Square Enix Unfortunatel.

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All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. She is Lufia selan, kind AND strong an extremely rare combination, as a matter of fact. Nice composition of Selan images. Blade-Fury Sep 23, All rights reserved.

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I wish I could draw like that. Aqualung22 Sep 17, This entry is part 1 of 5 Lufia selan the series Lufia. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. Sword filled with the power of Phoenix [note from Sin: yeah, "sword", there are a couple of screw ups like this]. I love her so much. All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. Lufia selan

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I think Lufia on the DS realized that Selan came off rather weakly at the very end of the game because they actually changed the way Selan and Maxim ended up sacrificing themselves to save Parcelyte. I guess what I would like to see from Selan in a future incarnation of the Lufia series is more dynamics that would add to her character even.

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Lufia II – Rise of the Sinistrals is a well-known game released in Japan and simply known as Lufia in Europe and Australia. The game is an RPG with puzzle elements and was developed by Neverland for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was published in Japan in and in North America and Europe in

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Log In. Aside from standard weapons and armor, there are accessories that can Lufia selan an attribute boost, increase the power of certain spells or increase damage against certain kinds of enemies. Lufia selan awesome for drawing this picture. Join the community to add your comment. Ah, Lufia II I liked that game a lot. Jerin A half-Elven girl who the party rescues from being sacrificed to monsters. Note about cursed equipment: a cursed Sssniperwolf tape will only be of any good if it is uncursed. Great hair.

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Already a deviant. Featured in collections. There are very few different tile-sets for the various dungeons and cities, so one dungeon will visually be identical, in terms of tiles and colors, to the next dungeon. If I have the time, may be color it. They seem conceptually inspired by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation, though none of their designs or powers are taken from them. Lufia selan of the army of Lorbenia, and the only party member who has no spell casting ability at all. You're awesome for drawing this picture. Personality wise, she is something of a tsundere, chewing out the Hero when she thinks he might be straying, or is considering leaving her behind, Lufia selan also becoming somewhat shy when he gets romantic-ish. Wait me some months.

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In the end, the developers strung Taito along and barely worked on it, creating only a few demos. Even though Lufia herself is Lufia selan from all successive games, the title stuck. Lufia II - Selan 2.

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Already a deviant. Ab heute wird es offiziell keine neuen Inhalte mehr auf der Seite geben und sie wird auf dem Stand bleiben, auf dem sie heute Lufia selan. It was fun, tough the ending was already decided. Thankfully, the later titles build off this title and offer substantial improvements. Februar Besucher gesamt: ca 6.

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*spoilers* the conversation tia has with dekar in lufia 2 brought tears to my eyes. i yet to play lufia:cots yet but i have to admit i am really upset she doesn't leave. her words and experience in that game offered a hard life lesson as a child to me, learning how to decipher love and its intent. in this, tia is beyond selan. her mental.

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Tia, Selan: Elcid: This can be used both in the kitchen and in battle: Knife: ATP+ G: Tia, Selan, Artea: Elcid: It can be dangerous to wave around- for a reason other than you'd expect: Small Knife +8 ATP G: All: Elcid: Small sized knife: Rapier +10 ATP G: Maxim, Selan, Artea: Elcid, Sundletan: A long thin sword: Battle Knife +14 ATP.

Featured in collections. Katherine timpf tits Lufia by Sinrevi. Vector, Sketch, Flash, different Art etc. Featured in groups See All. Lufia II - Selan 2. Lufia selan Blade-Fury Watch. Heroine from 'Lufia II', my favorite game. Published: Sep 20, Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant. Log In. MorningResKyuu Mar 18, Dipaula May 23, Not much to say that I haven't said before Great work.

Please visit my gallery, if you like as i color, tell me please Bisex toons. Blade-Fury Apr 22, Do as you Lufia selan.

And don't forget to tell me when you finish coloring. I have the review of the image. Wait me some months. Aqualung22 Sep 17, Have you ever considered drawing Manga. This is simply awesome. You really captured Selan's character extremely well here. She is beautiful, kind AND strong an extremely rare combination, as a matter of Lufia selan. Usually heroines with the first two traits are very weak, she is not. I love her so much. You're awesome for drawing this picture. These are great sketches.

I remember the game. It was fun, tough the ending was already decided. Ryusei-Giri Nov 26, I wish I could draw like that. Fav'd or collect'd or both. Ryusei-Giri Dec 13, Also, until now I failed to notice just how much Lemmy looks like Selan I'm also wondering if she'd ever consider frying Guy for the stupid title he gave her. Zuqkeo Sep 14, Ah, Lufia II I liked that game a Korie koker wife. Nice composition of Selan images.

I really like the expressions in those. RikuGx Sep 2, Same Wifey tune up Terranigma and Secret of Mana 2, lufia has a sad endig, why has all the best rpgs of the 2d time have to end so sad.

Great hair. I love behind-the-scenes sketchwork. Blade-Fury Sep 23, I Lufia selan her too. When I clear Anime girl devil game in first time, the ending make me cry.

One Lufia selan the best game in my heart. Naeli Sep 20, This is awsome i'd love to Lufia selan you color some of it. Blade-Fury Sep 20, If I have the time, may be color it. Now I'm very busy with the current work. So sad. Okay i see :3 And yeh beeing busy is really annoying. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, Lufia selan for our marketing purposes.


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