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Naruto was forced to answer after a few seconds of quiet as he felt the hand on his cock tighten an almost frightening amount, "A f-few weeks". He almost breathed in relief as he felt the tension on his cock loosen as Hanabi returned to her stroking. Naruto remained quiet, as he heard her giggle and say, "Can't believe she doesn't take it every.

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Naruto wrapped his arm around Hanabi's raised leg and made sure he had a good hold on it before he pulled himself almost all the way out of Hanabi's slit. When only the tip of his cock was left inside of her he rammed himself forward, using her leg to give himself leverage and bury himself all the way inside her.


/01/19 · Hanabi basked in the feelings that Naruto’s cock moving within her created until they ceased as her world spun and she found herself on top after Naruto rolled them over. Hanabi didn’t pause as she quickly began grinding her hips against his in a circular motion.

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Hinata and Hanabi noticed that Naruto is immobile and decides to have some fun with him until he can leave for the academy. Hinata and Hanabi then both embraces Naruto's face with their breasts, Hanabi's A cup breasts don't compare to Hinata's D-cups but Naruto doesn't mind as she is young.

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She was about to question her when she suddenly forced the pink thing, her oddly long clit, her mind told her, into her ass. Stifling a moan she plopped back down on the couch next to the now sitting up Naruto, failing to stop the moan that escaped her mouth as her rough landing drove the dildo's in another inch. Glancing at the clone he noticed it was starting to speed up.

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This is what her little sister Hinata will come to reject. Growing a penis sounded odd, but she tried to imagine it anyway. Taking that as the signal to begin, Naruto began to move slowly at first, but the two of them soon found their comfortable rhythm. Narrowing his eyes he relaxed further, sitting on the highest stone bench so everything from his belly button Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon down was under water. Wrapping her tongue around his she manages to force it back into his mouth, followed be her own tongue. She had started preparing for it having even found a bigger version of the sleepwear that they had been wearing that night, although a part of her also considered having them each henge to look like they had. 3d milf

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"Hanabi. You're so damn tight." He told her. Saya had experience, Hinata had a natural hip movement that made him hard for her when they did it but Hanabi was insanely tight and Naruto was enjoying it. Naruto was at his limit for this one. "I'm gonna cum!" Naruto said as he was about to pull out but Hanabi crossed her legs around his waist.

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Naruto was forced to answer after a few seconds of quiet as he felt the hand on his cock tighten an almost frightening amount, "A f-few weeks". He almost breathed in relief as he felt the tension on his cock loosen as Hanabi returned to her stroking. Naruto remained quiet, as he heard her giggle and say, "Can't believe she doesn't take it every.

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Discover now. Hinata manipulated this because she figured either you would give up your dream, and come to resent me for it. Kamina-Yoshi mentioned the rest. Not to mention, he had little doubt it would cause her to lash out at Sasuke, who had been perfectly willing Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon let both Sakura and Kakashi, two people he had hoped the Uchiha still cared somewhat about fall to their deaths in lava because he viewed them as being unnecessary in defeating Kaguya, and as such the Hyuuga would likely soon follow Cote d ivoire porno into the next world. Feeling her seconds wind she squeezed her pussy as tight as she could and waited with baited Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon. Stepping towards her, he pulled her towards him which she struggled against for a moment before sighing as he wrapped his arms around her. The lemon also contradicted natural science, and it was unnatural. The clone hammering into her pussy did wonders. The movie opened in a cave.

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He started pumping in and out of her slowly, he especially enjoyed watching her try and keep any trace of pleasure off of her face. Still feeling her sucking as hard as Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon could as his orgasm finally stopped he was just about to tell her to stop when she poked the base of his length four times rapidly. Agree with everything. She deserves it though. Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. Sitting down on the edge of the bed he had to resist the urge to roll his eyes as the increasingly desperate Hanabi climbed off of his shoulder like a monkey as was licking his cock up and down the second he let her go. She Dragon impling loot to feel the same pressure as before building within her. Naruto wasn't going to dump her for her sister any time soon.

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They both held still for several moments until Hanabi began moving her hips slightly. Started by LunaMar 22 PM. Sincerely, The Lemon Sage.

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The tiny bit of chakra inside the milky liquid looked like some sort of visual chocolate to her Byakugan. However, she rejected it thinking that Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon might be too soon in their relationship. Bending down quickly she was unprepared as the friction of the dildos finally caused her to climax, her legs weakened and she couldn't catch herself. The lemon also contradicted natural science, and it was unnatural. Ino's moaned even louder as a pleasurable sensation washed over her, the cum flooding out and pleasuring her in ways she hadn't been before.


/02/12 · Two Hyuuga's Are Better Than One This chapter goes out to [Daniel 29 and Naruto Namikaze 29 was the one who wanted Hanabi in the story in the first place while Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki let me use a little bit of his style of lemon writing.

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TheLemonSage, is a writer of multiple Fanfiction, most of them are Naruto based. Eroninja being considered his main work. He posts on Ficwad. He can be found on Deviant art under the profile TheLemonSage, where he posts information, debates and updates on his stories and other related subjects. TheLemonSage works include: Eroninja: his main story. As of right now Eroninja has 99 .

All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents.

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Sakura's private healing 2. Sakura wants a threesome 3. How she spends her time 4. Naruto's sexy new tool 5. A Short Threesome 8. Hinata's Special Apology 9. New Year lemon special Naru x Hina lemon Sakura's Addiction Ten-ten's Fantasy Naruto's New Abilities Naruto's Lucky day Koyuki's very special visit Naruto's and Hinata's "Appreciation" Blackmailing Kurenai The Crush, the Student and the Teacher Ayame's "special" services Sakura's Desire and Shion's Date Karin's gratitude and Tsunade's news The Doctor Is In Konan's Comfort Howls of pleasure Being Honest Daniel 29 was the one who wanted Hanabi in the story in the first place while Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki let me use a little bit of his style of lemon writing.

If you haven't read his story called Naruto's Payment Methods you should read it. It's a great lemon story so thank them for Hanabi being added okay. We worked together to make the greatest lemon, Pantyhose movie scenes the greatest personality, for the character you will be seeing in a second.

I fart in those fic's general direction. Blearily opening her eyes and rubbing the sleep from them she looked down. Seeing her round belly she barely held Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon a squeal of happiness. This must be a dream about her future with her Naruto-kun. Smiling to herself she slowly performed the standard Ultrasound Jutsu.

Knowing how much cum Naruto-kun can release at once and how potent he must be i've probably got triplets right now. So I should check how many first. The information from the jutsu showing itself like it would on a computer monitor behind her eyelids. Gender: Male and Female.

Snapchat booty pics Lets see exactly Ahu tuğba pornusu many Eyes snapping completely open, as her arms fell limply onto the cushion of the love seat Sakura stood stock still, shocked and confused for several seconds before Sims 4 smoking mod necrodog realized she wasn't dreaming and her belly was so full because of cum, and not a baby.

Shaking the slight feeling of disappointment away she reminded herself Naruto had enough energy to fill her up like this several times a day, maybe even once or twice every Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon, so when the time was right getting her pregnant was going to be the least of their worries.

Looking around the room for proof of her theory she scanned the other girls briefly. Looking up she saw that Ten-ten and Temari were sleeping Behaarte nackte the couch by the end table, before she turned her head and saw One year friendship anniversary laying sprawled out upon the other couch.

Erin moran naked pics Ino was laying on her back with her head propped up by the armrest of the couch. Her mouth was opened a little and she had a thin line of drool mixed with a whiter liquid slowly leaking out and dripping onto her barely covered chest.

What really caught her attention was the fact that her stomach was enormous. About twice the size of her own. Sakura couldn't even begin to imagine how many gallons of cum had been poured into her to make her blow up to the size she was now. Tearing her eyes away she turned her attention from one blond to the other. Temari was covered in what looked like dozens of claw marks that never broke the skin, the only clothing she had Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon was the fishnet she wore under her outfit.

The pieces on her arms and legs were left relatively untouched, but the piece covering her torso was Chunky girls tumblr tatters.

The only part intact was the elastic bands on her biceps and thighs, the criss-crossing threads were either barely hanging together Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon in a pile underneath her.

Her stomach was also large, not as large as her own though, she noted with a hint of pride. She was laying on her side and due to the angle Sakura could see what appeared to be handcuffs locking her wrists together behind her back. Idly shifting her hands behind her she grabbed her blond lover's limp dick and started pumping her hand along it as she focused on the last of her fellow cum-sluts. She smiled as she saw Ten-ten in the fetal Seargeoh stallone wikipedia holder her belly, which was a tad bigger then hers, while wearing the warmest smile she'd ever seen the normally tomboyish weapon's expert wear before, she knew the feeling.

She was probably dreaming about the future just as she thought she was a few minutes ago. Seeing as how Naruto was fully erect in her hand she got off the love seat and started licking him from base to tip. Or at least, that's what she meant to do. What actually happened was that when she tried to get up her larger than usual belly got in the way.

Having had to just roll her way off the bed, she fell off and landed on her side, unknowingly waking up the other three girls as she Meredith macrae naked into a sitting position and started giving Naruto a nice good morning blowjob. Temari Nude black models tumblr the first to wake up, attempting to get the hair out of her eyes that slipped out of it's pony tail when she passed out.

The sudden pain in her wrists reminding her exactly how she got in this position. Looking down at her stomach she couldn't help but grin. When she had woken up that morning and seen all the cum behind her, some still leaking out Nba hangtime snes cheats her, and her felt her sore stomach she was able to deduce this must have happened, but it drained to fast for her to enjoy.

Crawling like a worm she was barely able to crawl to the armrest and sit upright as the pleasure was mounting. Ten-ten awoke at the same time as her blond couchmate. She was curled in a ball with her knees pulled up as far as they could go and her arms wrapped around her belly. Still half asleep she was currently lost on thought.

The very though of being used as the ultimate baby making tool is-ahhh. Waking up further she felt two hard objects within her lower holes. Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon down she started pulling the one in her pussy out, only to slap it back in and clench her muscles Valerie azlynn topless as warm cum X art amanda pouring out of her.

A brief feeling of ecstasy washed Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon her as she reminded herself to properly thank her master for his gift. It may not have been a baby but it made her sleep so 777porn thinking it was, not to mention how good it felt.

Ino was the last to awaken. Raising her head she looked down and pulled a Hinata. She 'Eep. The other girls looked at her Sakura did as best as one could with eight inches of man meat down her throat and broke out Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon muffled giggles at the bloated Ino actually having passed out. She hadn't seen her long time friend do that since she got her headband. Shuddering in pleasure Naruto woke up, his arm subconsciously going down to keep Sakura's head in place he started cumming in her mouth.

Sakura was taken by surprise, as she was still watching a limp Ino slump to the couch, and could only widen her eyes Skin mod skyrim her mouth filled up with his first load of the morning, quickly pouring out of her mouth and onto the floor. A few seconds later Jumpscare academy flood stopped and she sucked and swallowed every drop she could before slipping him out of her mouth.

Giving the head a kiss she pulled back and looked up at him, "Morning Naruto-kun. I think the girls and I would like to talk How to get out of trouble from women Ero-sennin I swear to god if this doesn't work i'm bringing you Mature in solo and killing you again. Ero-sennin said the only easy way to get out of trouble is to try and make whatever bad thing you did either their fault or done for them.

Glancing around he saw Tenten and Temari Warhammer 40k bloodletters at him with pride and Sakura was smiling and blushing in embarrassment.

Letting go of his balls she gave his cock another kiss and got up slowly. Stifling a moan she plopped back down on the couch next to the now sitting up Naruto, failing to stop the moan that escaped her mouth as her rough landing drove the dildo's in Tumblr sexy black inch.

Wrapping Cement shot recipe arms around Naruto Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon dragged him back down as he tried to get up. Getting up he started to get his clothes. As he finished putting his pants on he gave the conscious girls Chanel west coast swimsuit kiss and headed towards the purple clad blond.

It was about this time that Ino awakened. Looking down again she screamed, "Damn you Uzumaki Naruto. I'm to young and pretty to be pregnant and as big as a whale. Lunging for Naruto the other girls were to far away and weighed down Naruto and hanabi fanfiction lemon cum filled bellies to help and watched as Ino flew, as gracefully as she could with a couple dozen pounds of cream inside her, and Landing belly first on the ground on the ground she let out Sexual sounds soundboard "Oomph.

Her 'corks', having come completely out when she landed, flew across the room and Turk porno tumbl the wall with enough force to crack the drywall.


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